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Mercury Soccer will offer the highest quality soccer training and coaching for the west side of Cincinnati. Our staff contains members with USSF licenses (A, B, and C licenses), NSCAA licenses (Premier, Advanced National and Director of Coaching licenses), and former Coerver Coaching directing experience. We will craft a culture by soccer professionals to help your child develop into the best player they can be - in an environment that's great to learn and improve.

Our goal is your goal
Our goal at Mercury soccer is for all players to be trained by an A or B licensed coach throughout the course of a season.  

We find that in the Cincinnati area there are many highly-licensed coaches on the north and east sides of town, but the west side of Cincinnati hasn’t been as lucky until now. 

All players deserve the coaching and culture that match their ability and drive to improve.  

The club was founded by three life-long Cincinnatians with over 50 years of combined experience in coaching and training youth players from ages 3 to 22.

We believe in teaching each player the importance of hard work, individual development, team concepts and understanding through playing and interacting with professional and passionate coaches and players.

Our goal is to help facilitate and manage the roles of our Players, Coaches, and Parents.

  • Player's Role: to play and train at maximum effort, for maximum enjoyment and development.

  • Coach's Role: to guide the player(s) along their path of athletic and personal development, and push them to reach their highest potential with open and honest feedback.

  • Parent's Role: to support both the players and coaches in their pursuit of development, with open and honest communication.

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