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Girls 2008's Make State Cup Semi's

The stage is set for the G2008 Ohio South State Cup semi final feature our G08 Red Team vs. CWSC Acad Elite.

"What a progressive year for the 2008G Red Mercury Team! Champions with OSSL and GLC (in their respective tiers) and now State Cup Semi-Finalists!"

Remarked Mercury Technical Director and G08 Coach Paulo Barreto.

This team has had a tremendous season overcoming many challenges while experiencing great success. Coach Paulo continued, "While one is learning how to play soccer, it can be very difficult to transition from a 9v9 to a 11v11 game, and even more difficult is to understand the concept and all the requirements that each position demands. Although my students are still learning the fundamentals, I am impressed by how rapidly they are absorbing the information that is shared, and the genuine effort they put forth as they attempt to play soccer correctly.A unique identity is emerging within this group, a style of play that is starting to be recognized and admired by the soccer community. True possession style."

Director of Coaching Brian LeFevre added, "It's been really fun to see this group develop the way they have throughout the season. They are a tremendous group of young women who have embraced what we are doing, and are blazing a path for the rest of our club who is very proud of them."

We'd like to wish our friends at Cincinnati West good luck, and we are hoping for an exciting match where all the players play to their highest potential!

When: Saturday May 22

Kickoff: 1:00pm Where: Voice of America Field #5 vs. Cincinnati West SC Academy Elite

Parking: $8 per day

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